Healthy Gut, Healthy You

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This is an empowering book for anyone wishing to gain control of their health destiny

Healthy Gut, Healthy You centralizes the fundamental role of gut health and digestion in total health and disease resistance. In the spirit of Hippocrates, Dr. Ruscio compassionately places the tools for regaining, maintaining and enhancing health into the hands of the reader. This is an empowering book for anyone wishing to gain control of their health destiny.

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN
#1 New YorkTimes Bestselling Author, Grain Brain, and Brain Maker

A must-read for anyone looking to give a boost to their gut health.
I have studied gut health for nearly 20 years and have encountered few people with the level of knowledge on this topic that Dr. Ruscio possesses. Interestingly, his knowledge is not confined merely to research concepts, nor a purely clinical understanding. Dr. Ruscio is unique in that his knowledge and experience are at the highest level of both theory and practical application of improving gut health. His book is a must-read for anyone looking to give a boost to their gut health.
Robb Wolf, New York Times Best Selling Author

Dr. Ruscio’s book is THE authority to learn about and heal your gut.
As a dietitian with celiac, I have a high interest in helping people heal their guts. Dr. Ruscio’s book is the authority to learn about the microbiome and how it relates to diet, sleep, movement, sunlight, and stress. If you’re at a loss for words between diets like Elemental and low-FODMAP, and wondering whether taking probiotics or adding fiber or digestive enzymes might help you, this is the book you wish to have. It’s an out of this world resource, complete with evidence and sound interpretation for both clinicians and those who have not seen results through traditional routes.
Diana Rodgers, licensed registered dietician nutritionist and creator of SustainableDish.com
Diana Rodgers, SustainableDish.com

I highly recommend Dr. Ruscio’s book for both the suffering patient and clinicians looking to sharpen their skills.
Dr. Ruscio is a leader in our field of functional medicine. He has at all times impressed me with his science-based approach that also includes a practical application emphasis. I imagine highly skilled clinicians who have strong evidence-based backgrounds are what our profession needs to advance and take its rightful place as a leading option for sick patients; Dr. Ruscio delivers in this regard. I would highly recommend his book for both the suffering patient and the clinician looking to sharpen their skills.
Dr. Dan Kalish, Internationally recognized expert in functional medicine

Those helped by his book are case in point of Dr. Ruscio’s exemplary approach.
I have enjoyed the make stronger, guidance, and inspiration of a short list of thought leaders in the holistic health space. Dr. Michael Ruscio is on this list and is an exemplary model of a rare clinician who can effectively translate state of the art science into clinical efficacy. His book and those it has helped are case in point of his deep understanding of systems biology and specifically an advanced approach to the ancient practice of starting with the gut.
Kelly Brogan MD ABIHM, Author of the NY Times Bestseller A Mind of Your Own

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